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Join Us On Our Annual 9/11 Memorial Evening Live Workshop and Photo Shoot 
22nd Anniversary Memorial
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Enjoy the candid video clips of prior 9/11 photo shoots.
Candid video clips of past 9/11 photo shoots
 Grab your camera and join Professional Photographer Dave Rossi for a historic live photography workshop as he photographs the annual September 11 evening "Tribute in Light" 22nd anniversary memorial commemorative light display from several locations around NY and NJ.
    During this photography workshop you will be shooting live with Dave from one or more of his spectacular vantage points on the Hudson River. Dave will show you how he handles the shooting situation of photographing the New York City skyline at night while maintaining the "Tribute in Light" beams of light and getting the desired effect on the Hudson River.
    Deadline to sign up is 8/31/2023 unless we reach capacity prior. LIMITED AVAILABILITY so don't get left out. Reserve your place NOW!
    You don't even need a camera. Just to come along and witness the sites on this historic day is an experience in itself! 
    This spectacular light display occurs once a year -- but who knows how long it will continue as it was supposed to end several times.  Join us in this photography workshop for all levels of amateur and professional photographers. This workshop will focus on capturing this historic "Tribute in Light" 22nd Anniversary memorial light display including instruction and a BONUS pre-workshop instructional webinar. You will also receive a link to the video replay.
    You will be proud to show and share the historic and professional looking images you will create.
    The "Tribute in Light" commemorates the thousands of our innocent brothers and sisters, heroic firemen, police, EMT and rescue workers who perished or were injured on that horrific day and those who still continue to suffer today.
    Every American and especially the image-makers have a duty to humanity to record and preserve important moments in time for future generations to remember and learn from. This by far is the most tragic and important event in our lifetime. 
We need to remember not only the events of 9/11, but also the lessons learned and the ideology of hate that caused it, and the love for one another in the aftermath. 
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Your host on this historic instructional photo shoot is photographer Dave Rossi. Dave is an international award-winning photographer working in the NY/NJ area for over 40 years. Dave has photographed the original "Twin Towers" of The World Trade Center many times beginning in the 1970s, on 9/11, and for the last 21 years during the "Tribute in Light" memorial light display every year since it began in 2002 from multiple viewpoints in and around New York City and New Jersey.
    Dave's mission is to honor and remember all who were affected by this tragedy through his photography and writing.
    Dave published his first World Trade Center picture book "September Mourning" in 2012 and is currently working on a second World Trade Center memorial book "America's Towers" which is scheduled to be released later this year. Some of the images from this shoot will be published in the new book along with many other World Trade Center and memorial images Dave shot dating back to the 1970s. The book also includes many little known biblical and historical facts about the World Trade Center area, George Washington and the foundation of The United States of America.
Dave Rossi, Photographer

America's Towers

World Trade Center and 9/11 Memorial Photos, Reflections, Relationship to GOD and The Foundation of America by: Dave Rossi  AmericasTowersBook.com
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Skill level: Everyone

*Only 6 Spots still available
Plus - FREE BONUS, Online Instructional Webinar on 9/8/2023 to all registered attendees. 
($79 non-attendees)

6:30 Meetup: 90 minutes of live instruction. Dave shows you how to get awesome photographs of the World Trade Center during the special "Blue Hour" at sunset and how to photograph the spectacular and historic "Towers of Light" on this Patriots Day photo shoot workshop. 
You should leave the evening workshop with professional quality "Blue Hour" and "Towers of Light" photographs of The World Trade Center that you will be proud to display, add to your portfolio, or sell.

Dave is including a FREE to attendees ($79. to non-attendees) pre-workshop webinar to go over basics and to get you ready for the live workshop
Whatever your purpose you will be proud to have participated in this very special workshop.

Details will be disclosed by email prior to the session.

9/11/2023 Post Workshop PRO TOUR 
(Only 2 spots still available)
Start at and including the above workshop then travel with Dave to at least 2 additional other locations.  
200mm+ lens needed for best results on this extended shoot.
Check your email for details after you register.

ALL workshop attendees will receive a FREE invite to the pre-workshop webinar (non-workshop attendees $79). Dave will demonstrate how to shoot the "Towers of Light" including examples taken over the last 21 years.

Included with your workshop registration or pre-workshop LIVE webinar registration is a FREE aspiring photographer membership in ProPhotoTech so you can watch this webinar workshop video and others over and over again.  The pre-workshop webinar and workshop highlights will be viewable on demand in your FREE ProPhotoTech membership space for 1 year.

* Only 2 registrants still available.

Please be familiar with your camera's basic operations. Make sure you know how to manually adjust your shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. I will show you how to calculate the exposure.

if you are coming along to capture that once in a lifetime image
you can participate at whatever level you would like. If you have a DSLR, Film SLR or Mirrorless camera they would be best. However you can also use your cell phone if you like. I have used them all and always get spectacular results.
-A Camera
 -Sturdy Tripod
-Cable or Wireless Shutter Release 

Dave will supply direction on how to make your camera settings or you can shoot on your own. 
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